Animation Projects

Magic Bakora Vertical Poster

Magic Bakora by Legendary Productions

This is a tale of three best friends who find a magical BAKORA in their grandpa’s store that takes them to the past where they get to learn and interact with their African History.

PEPERUKA Vertical Poster

Peperuka by Afro Anim Production

In a bid to reconnect with his family, an intelligent young chicken wants to fly but a menacing hawk is always ruining his plans.

Detective Kim Poster Vertical

Chronicles of Detective Kimani by Juani

A smart-hyper imaginative kid uses his wits to solve the school mysteries, while secretly battling against the evil man trying to sell his school and overcome his own personal pain. 

Donji Donji By Cluck Cluck Clan

A geeky chicken eagerly wants to play with her adventurous mongoose friend but they must first finish their lunch which zaps them through a portal to an amazing enchanted world


Elewa by Bekelu Image Works

Two siblings become friends with a goat in their new school where they find a magical desk and begin an adventurous journey

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