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The Plot

Kim Okoth just moved to his new school in Nairobi. He’s extremely brilliant for a class 5 student and doesn’t let anyone forget it. He becomes quite the ‘Mr Popular’ at Amulel Primary due to his wacky deductive skills and vibrantly wild imagination that help him solve the school mysteries: But his greatest mystery will be to find out who and why someone keeps trying to sabotage the great school. With wisdom from his mother, Dr. Koi, and help from his two new best friends, Ahmed and Zuri, follow the adventures of Detective Kim, as he solves mysteries and learns new lessons on life, family and friendship. ​

The Characters


Though he tends to be shut in and avoid much interaction, he is genuinely kind (in his own way), always standing for truth and justice: he has a very strong moral compass, similar to that of his father’s. He can come off as arrogant to others, because he is very intelligent and assumes he is always right, but he later learns that he can learn to rely on others and that being intelligent doesn’t mean he needs to
view other people as less than.


He is a very rude and cold boy, though we find out that it isn’t intentional, he only acts out because he misses his best friend and thus lashes out on everyone, especially his younger
sister, Tamara. He used to be quite cheerful and playful. It’s also hinted that he is great at sports.

Dr Koi
Dr Koi

Dr Koi is a great doctor and mother, who though is also grieving over her
husband, makes sure to take care and not neglect her son or herself. She is strong and compassionate, and very wise. She is also very strict (turning on her African mother side when provoked) but balances it out with an equal dose of great love. This is why Kim both loves and
fears her.

Mwalimu Amani

Class teacher of 5B, Mwalimu Amani is a great advisor to his students. He is willing to go above and beyond to ensure the physical, mental and emotional well being of his students. In Amulel Primary, he is considered to be the friendliest and coolest teacher.


Ahmed is the soul of the trio. Though he is not as intelligent as his friends, he makes up for it with his humor, loyalty and kindness. He is the class clown with a heart of gold. Despite his large
size however, he is extremely terrified of a lot of things, but will always put himself forward, despite himself, to protect his friends.


Tamara is Glen’s younger sister. It is hinted that class 5B students are familiar with her. She is sweet and always ready to be by her brother’s side. She greatly admires her brother, thus is saddened when he won’t speak or acknowledge her.


Though small
and cute, she is not afraid to call people off when they do wrong. She is equally as smart as Kim,
if not more due to her photographic memory, but she is more emotionally intelligent than her two
friends, always making sure that the other two don’t get into too much trouble. Though being the
sensible one in the group, she has a short fuse when people try to belittle her and can become
quite the scary little beast.

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Meet The Team

Sharon Koru

Art is one of Sharon’ s greatest passion. She is a self-taught 2D artist using both digital and traditional media. She is especially passionate about character design and illustration, bringing her expressive ideas to create a story. 

Brian Achiro

Am self-driven filmmaker, 2D animator, graphic designer, editor and a commercial photographer focused on development of high quality work. Versed in a wide range of animation styles, film techniques, photography and graphic design. My passion for film and 2D animation has enabled me to work and gain experience from different companies and organizations over the years. When it comes to service delivery am fully committed and driven. Being a creative simply is my life

Elizabeth Otieno

Your local ray of sunshine. Though new to the animation world, I enjoy looking at and trying new animation projects. Balancing my school degree and art has been chaotic, but definitely worth while. When I’m not doing one or the other, I’m usually training at the dojo or reading a manga/manhua.