The Plot

An eager chicken (Jasiri) wants to go play outside with her garden mole friend (Chongo) but her mum insists that she has to finish her food first. Chongo joins them in the house to find them eating carrots. Jasiri & Chongo are eventually persuaded to eat. The carrots transform their vision and the bike that Chongo came with turns magical taking them to a colorful adventure world. In this world they learn about carrots and its benefits for eyesight. They come back to the real world full rejuvenated and now able to able to go out and play better.

The Characters

Mama Jasiri

Mama Jasiri is Jasiri’s mother. She is a middle aged chicken and
also a nuturer for our two lead characters.
She starts off their day with a serving of good natural home grown
food from her kitchen garden.


Jasiri is a lead character in the story.
She’s a nerdy and courageous young chicken


He is the protector and guide of the wonderland and is always
happy to take visitors on tour and teaching them about the
benefits of carrots with help from “Magic Mouth”; a
knowledgeable & mystical entity in carrot heaven.


Chongo is a garden mongoose, Jasiri’s best friend and playmate.
He’s a Reckless but Adventurous character in the story who is
always jumping in the water head first in every situation.

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Meet The Team

Chris Njoka – Chris Evans Art

I’m a multi-disciplined visual artist (Photography, Graphic Design & Illustration). My passion lies in creating captivating & memorable moments that ignite positive conversation for brands, people & society.

Nancy Cherwon – Chelwek

I am a mixed media creative soul oscillating between digital media and graffiti murals which I use to promote social change within vulnerable communities in my region.
My biggest inspiration is the people of the African soil ,the vibrance of the African story , the brilliance of the feminine thought and African spirituality . 
My murals can be found in several countries around the world and planning on doing more as I share the African essence to the world.
I chose to share our essence” the African Essence” with you all. Come journey with me.

I create ecentric pieces founded on African mysticism and spirituality while espousing feminism in my repertoire. The vibrance of the African story , the brilliance of the feminine thought and the creativity that spirituality infuses through my art. Life inspires me. My art embodies the life giving essence of every living being in this universe. I translate this essence into art forms that speak to me of the greatness of the universe and the space we hold as creative souls for the ones here and for those to come.

Achola DennisIampritt

I am a 2D Animator at Ada Animation Studio in Nairobi. I have developed extensive set of skills through experience with a collage of media, tools, teams and clients. My major interest being animation ,I have over time understood and mastered various art forms to produce work in great speed, detail and excellence, with an educational background in Fine art from Kenyatta University and Multimedia design from ShangTao College. I live to inspire the world through stories captured in words and pictures.