Magic Bakora Vertical Poster

The Plot

Three children, discover a secret door in their grandfather’s store that activates a portal with a special BAKORA. Curious and adventurous, they journey into this new world filled with historical African culture and lifestyle where the children get to live among the people and meet Africa’s greatest historical figures. A journey filled with fun experiences, unforgettable memories and vast knowledge, the children seek to learn more about Africa’s past

The Characters


An energetic boy who is curious, and playful. At times Bahari can be bossy, because he is the cool kid, but he will always support his friends every time. Bahari loves his friends so much. Bahari is the cunning one in the group who initiates the curiosity for most of the adventures the children indulge themselves into.


A very funny boy who is curious, and loves food at all time. Tumbo can be lazy sometimes but his friends are always there to help him. Tumbo just like Bahari is a very curious child however is more toned down on that kind of energy than Bahari. He is also normally the one who holds the Bakora which opens the gateway between both timelines.


A happy girl who is energetic and playful. She loves her friends but sometimes she cannot trust them because they are boys and they do things before thinking about it. She considers herself the smart one in her group. She stays with the grandfather.


A very strong and courageous boy from the past who lives in the forest hunting and gathering food. He is fun and loves showing off his skills to people. He is one of the characters we interact with in the adventures of past Africa
from time to time.

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Meet The Team

Brandon Ndichu

I depict myself as a creative, specializing in graphic design and animation. Bringing characters to life and developing visually appealing works is more than just what I do, its a lifestyle I enjoy!

Sheila Muriuki – Big See

2D Animator focused on characters and environment designs for the last 1 year. Successful at completing action-driven and dramatic shots films. Versed in a wide range of animation styles, techniques, and software programs. To add on that I have been singing for like 10years

Jameel Murage – Jaminjayz

I am a character concept artist, part time 2D Animator and an environment artist for an ongoing project. I love telling stories through my art using comics, animations and illustrations. Art has always been a key part of my life as something I invested a lot of time and effort to learn and always aspire to do greater things over the years.