PEPERUKA Vertical Poster

The Plot

An exceptionally intelligent young chicken, Ruka Mwerevu, wants to fly and comes up with numerous ideas and inventions that are always thwarted by a menacing bully Mwewe Jeuri. Ruka, through resilience and team work always gets ahead of Jeuri.

The Characters

RUKA Mwerevu

Ruka is determined to fly so that he can return to his ancestral land where he was forcefully taken from.
He is creative, a problem solver and innovative. However, he is easily discouraged. Ruka’s goal is to
learn how to fly.


Zuzu is Ruka’s best friend, sidekick and helper. Zuzu is also extremely dumb.
He is slow and often hands the wrong tools to Ruka, easily distracted and oblivious to his surroundings.


Her name and age are unknown. She is the owner and caretaker of the farm. She is hardworking, caring and punctual in feeding the animals.

Mzee Busara / Mzee goat is Ruka’s mentor and friend. He is wise, friendly, a good listener, gentle, kind understanding and an amazing story teller. He is the oldest animal in the farm and finds himself fascinated by Ruka’s adventures and approach in life.
His goal is to live out the rest of his days on the farm as he protects the young ones.

He is Ruka’s
nemesis. Jeuri is jealous, cunning, selfish, insecure, curious and a big bully. He feels himself challenged to prove himself superior to the boy genius Ruka Mwerevu. Jeuri is sly,
cunning, dumb, irrational, sneaky, swift and a stealth master. His main goal is to ensure Ruka does not dominate the skies so he foils all his plans.

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Meet The Team

I enjoy bringing characters to life. I specialize in character rigging, character animation, motion graphics and video editing. Most of my client’s work revolves around making children’s content and general educational content. My main career goal is to continue educating and changing viewer’s lives through my visual content. In my free time, you will find me enjoying animated movies, hiking or spending time with my loved ones. 

I am an enthusiastic Kenyan filmmaker and a fine artist. My specialty is camera work. My main aim is to ensure that I create authentic African content through photography, films and artistic masterpieces that inspire, entertain and spark conversations. I love nature and traveling as it provides me a chance to be more creative. I love cartoons and in my free time, you’ll find me binge watching shows I love.